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Our Story

Hi, I’m Melissa, the creator of Zipboom!

​What’s my story?

I completed a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at 17 and knew that my calling was with children. After working as a primary school teacher for 9 years, I had my daughter at 26, and just knew that I would never return to full-time work again.

I dabbled in arts and crafts for many years, hand making beautiful greeting cards, and then designed and manufactured childrens’ headbands for four years. I sold the headbands in boutiques, online and at markets in Melbourne, but I felt that as a Mum, I had something more to offer.

It wasn’t until we moved to Queensland that my life changing idea eventuated. After buying a new car in Melbourne, we decided to make an adventure out of the road-trip back to Queensland with the kids in the new car… crazy I know! I didn’t want the kids to be on screens for hours on end, so I decided to create a folder full of games and activities that would spark their creativity, awaken their imaginations and encourage them to share.

It was then that I came up with the idea of Zipboom – a kids travel journal, puzzle collection, games and craft kit and more, and the solution to every parent’s travel challenge.  


Three years later, here I am with a product that I am truly proud of and passionate about. Zipboom was born out of maternal desperation for something engaging and educational for children to have as a staple on car trips, flights, for using whilst awaiting dinner at a restaurant, and even for camping trips. I know it works because I have used it with my children for many flights and road trips and am yet to hear any complaints (they are very proud of their mummy!) It is light, compact and easy for your child to carry. The bag comes with lots of hidden storage which, let’s face it; you’ll need with children when you are out! You can collect all eight magnetic games and the beautiful journal that will become a memento of cherished adventures.

Lots of time, love and effort has gone into the design and manufacturing of every aspect of this product. It has been created to entertain and inspire your children’s imaginations, and to document your holiday for them to look back on for many years to come.

I hope you love Zipboom as much as we do! 

Mel xx

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