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Lesley Carbis

"I purchased the 'I Spy From the Car' from watching Sunrise...this is a gorgeous aussie woman who has created this brilliant concept.  Its a GREAT product and I look forward to giving it to my grandson for was prompt, beautifully presented with a thank you yourself a favour and check it out."


Little Campers Apparel

"Our new Zipboom games are a fun and educational way to bring adventure into open ended play"


Candy Hickman Dcouto

"Thank you so much for creating an amazing product!  Rose absolutely loves the travel journal and her magnetic games. The 12 month subscription is an added bonus and Rose is always looking forward to receiving mail from Zipboom."



"My boys and I love a good game of I Spy and the ante has officially been upped with the new magnetic version from Zipboom. "

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